Bachelor degrees test sample and list of suggested books

To enroll in the Economics and Management

program, as a candidate, the applicant must have sufficient knowledge of fundamental topics in Mathematics. If you do not, please note that you will not be admitted in the bachelor courses because the selection procedure will focus on verifying your knowledge of the following topics. 

Topics in Precalculus

Sets, Real numbers. Complex numbers. Solving inequalities and equations. Properties of functions.

Function composition.

Trigonometry. Trigonometric functions and graphs. Trigonometric identities and equations.

Exponential functions and equations. Properties of the Logarithm. Logarithmic equations.

Linear functions in the plane: properties and graphs.

These topics can be found in the following books: 

1) the first seven chapters of

 Precalculus – Mathematics for calculus

 J. Stewart, L. Redlin, S. Watson

 pdf file downloadable from the web

2) the first six chapters of


K.V. Neal, R.D. Gustafson. F.D. Hughes

 3) the first eight chapters of

 Precalculus - With Unit - Circle Trigonometry

 D.Cohen, T.B.Lee, D.Sklar

pdf file downloadable from the web 

here       you can find some examples of the 2019 admission test for the bachelor degree in Economics and Management