The ISEE is the certification that students can submit when they enroll in the University according to their contribution capacity and are placed in the different income brackets according to the economic condition assessed with the ISEE valid for the right to university study. For the academic year 2022/2023, the ISEE is required with an expiry date of 31/12/2022.


As of the academic year 2022/2023, the students:

who are foreigners not residing in Italy;

who are foreigners with residence or residing in Italy but not self-employed (Article 8 of DPCM 159/2013) with a family nucleus of origin residing in a country other than Italy, with income and/or assets held abroad;

who are Italians residing abroad not registered with AIRE

CANNOT present the ordinary ISEE valid for the subsidized services for the right to university study but may request the reduction of the university contribution on the basis of the equalized ISEE.

The list of CAAF (authorized tax assistance centers) affiliated with the University will be available shortly.

Documents required to apply for ISEE parificato:

Student’s identity document.

Tax code of the student issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency).

The amount of the scholarship received.

The composition of the family unit of the student on the date of submission of the DSU (Single self-declaration) with an indication of the surname, name, date of birth, and relationship of all the subjects belonging to the family unit.

Income received by each member of the household, referring to the year 2020.

Real Property assets.

If the household resides in a rented dwelling, a rental contract with details of the registration and the amount of the rent.

Movable assets, consisting of the balance as of 31/12/2020 and average balance for the year 2020 of current accounts, deposits, bank, and postal savings books held abroad and in Italy and balance as of 31/12/2020 for any other type of investment.

NOTE: The documentation listed above must be issued by the competent authorities of the country where the income was produced, translated into Italian, and legalized for non-EU countries.


A financially independent student for the purposes of university ISEE is a student who has resided in a home other than that of the family of origin for at least two years before the date of submission of the ISE and the home in which he/she lives is not owned by a member of the original nucleus.

The student must also have adequate income capacity, i.e., in the two years prior to the year of submission of the DSU, he must have produced tax-declared income from employment or assimilated employment of not less than 6,500 euros. Article 3, c. 1 of Ministerial Decree 1320/21 changed the income value required to consider the adequate income capacity of the independent student from 6,500 euros (valid until the academic year 2021/2022) to 9,000 euros annually.