Visa Application

Visa applications are processed via the website, overseen by the Italian government. Each year, the start date for these applications varies and is determined by the Italian authorities. After obtaining their acceptance letter from the University of Siena (Letter of Eligibility for Enrollment), students should consistently monitor the government’s website for the latest updates on opening dates.

How it works

The student who has been admitted must register on the portal and submit their visa application, which is forwarded to the relevant Italian embassy after the University of Siena’s final approval.

Caution: Depending on the country of origin, the visa processing time can exceed four months. All admitted students are encouraged to submit their visa application as soon as possible. The University of Siena reserves the right not to process visa applications submitted too late to ensure arrival in Italy before the start of classes.

Disclaimer: The issuance of visas is solely under the jurisdiction of Italian embassies and consulates. Universities do not have any authority to intervene in the work of the embassies. If your visa application is delayed or rejected, we cannot provide assistance in any way.

*Compulsory Documents*

On the portal, you must upload the following documents:

Valid Passport

Certificate of Eligibility for Enrollment (received from our University)

Original diploma required for enrollment in the course of study to which one has been admitted, with translation into Italian or English

Transcript of records by the educational institution that issued the diploma, with translation in Italian or English

Optional Documents (upload if you have)

Any document that certifies the language proficiency required to attend the course of study to which one has been admitted

Any Declarations of Value (DOV) issued by the competent diplomatic representations or other useful attestation in order to verify the elements of the foreign qualification

Any certificates from the Italian ENIC-NARIC Centre (CIMEA), “Certificate of Comparability” and “Verification of Certification” or Diploma Supplement issued according to the standard scheme developed at the initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.