Tuition Fees and Costs

Academic fees, cost of living, other costs.

Academic fees

University education in Italy is founded by the Italian government. This is the reason why the tuition fees are generally lower than in many other countries.

The University of Siena publishes the regulations on student fees on an annual basis. Students enrolled on first cycle, second cycle and long single cycle degree programmes pay from one to four instalments of tuition fees. The amount for each international student is based on his/her country of origin and the course chosen. The amount to be paid can be calculated using this link: 

Cost of living

The average cost of living for a student in Siena amounts to approximately € 500.00 per month, the main expense being accommodation.

Private accommodation

• Double room: around € 300.00 per month plus utilities

• Single room in centre: € 400.00 plus utilities

• Single room on the outskirts: € 350.00 plus utilities

• Double room in centre (per person): € 300.00 plus utilities

• Double room on the outskirts: € 250.00 plus utilities

• Studio/bedsit: € 700.00/750.00 plus utilities

Other costs

• Italian National Health Service (not mandatory but strictly recommended): € 149 euros per year

• Cost of the first permit to stay: around € 100

• Full meal at the canteen € 4.50

• Meal in a pizzeria € 20.00

• Breakfast in a bar € 2.00

• Bus ticket (valid for 1 hour) € 1.50

• Student season (three-month) ticket/bus pass around € 94.50

• Specialist medical visit € 36.00

• Cinema € 8.00

• Newspaper € 1.20