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PhDBiochemistry and Molecular Biology - Bibim 2.0 CicIo XXXVII AY 2021-2022

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BiBiM wants to create professional figures on the basis of the 7 “Principles of Innovative Doctoral Training” approved by the EU Council: research excellence, attractiveness of the academic and institutional environment, internal quality assurance, exposure to industry and other relevant sectors of the world of work , possibility of interdisciplinary research, international network and transferable skills between academia and the industrial world, highlighting aspects that focus on the essential link between research at the highest levels (in terms of production of know-how and transfer of this to the international scientific community) and doctoral training aimed at stimulating creativity, independence, autonomy and a critical spirit. The general objective of BiBiM is to provide doctoral students with the most innovative cultural and technological bases of biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, structural/cellular biology, genomics/post-genomics, transversal skills and soft skills, to be able to operate in public and private research institutions and to develop projects with industrial potential. To develop their research projects students will be able to access to innovative technological platforms, with evident repercussions in the field of public health, agri-food, nutraceuticals, bioeconomy, life sciences.
Another objective is to produce innovative professional figures requested by the companies with transversal expertise.



Career opportunities

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are among the most productive and most active areas of modern scientific knowledge and find numerous applications in the biotechnological, biomedical, agri-food and life sciences fields. The purpose of this PhD is to train highly qualified young people in the field of molecular and biochemical sciences to encourage their insertion in the world of research and the biotechnological and life sciences industry. During their Doctorate programme students will be provided with both theoretical bases and technological knowledge necessary to develop innovative research projects in both public and private research institutions, and industrial environment as well.
The technologies used and taught to our doctoral students make use of cutting-edge platforms and instruments that students can access to develop research projects with evident repercussions in the field of public health, the production of new diagnostics, biotechnological drugs, vaccines, nutraceuticals and productions in the agri-food and life sciences fields in general.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment