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Agribusiness is a bachelor degree with a strong orientation towards the world of work, thanks to the involvement of companies/organizations operating in the agricultural field. The educational path is distinctly multidisciplinary and covers the chemical-biological as well as the juridical-economic disciplines. The training of the graduates is completed by a substantial training activity at companies /bodies operating in the agricultural field. The acquired knowledge will allow operational tasks and the resolution of problems in a particularly dynamic and innovative production context. Graduates will operate in the sectors of agricultural production, sustainable management of the agro-ecosystem, promotion of the quality of products and the management of agricultural enterprises.

Program structure

MIUR degree class: L-25

Duration in years: 3 Credits: 180

Language: Italian

Career opportunities

For the skills acquired and developed in cds, the graduate in Agribusiness (L-P02) can independently carry out technical activities in the following areas of work:
- organisation and control of production processes in the agricultural and zootechnical sector, with particular reference to the design and application of simple production control technologies;
- economic management of production undertakings,
- marketing and distribution of agricultural products;
- marketing activities in the primary sector;
- participation in the processes of managing eco-sustainable production and the protection of plant and animal biodiversity.

Apply now! First intake - Academic year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 23, 2024
Apply now! First intake - Academic year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 23, 2024