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Foundation Course SEM

University of Siena
Italy, Siena
Department of Business and Law Italy, Siena, Piazza S. Francesco, 7/8 - 53100
Application fee €40 per program

You will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions.

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The Foundation Course (FC) offered by the School of Economics and Management (SEM) is a one year, multidisciplinary, pre-university course, fully taught in English.
It is intended for international students who wish to enrol in a SEM BSc course and fall into one of these two categories:
- Students who must make up a year to reach the minimum requirement of 12 years of schooling.
- Students who reach the 12 years of schooling but fail to satisfy admission requirements and need therefore some further education.

After completion, students acquire 60 Foundation Course Credits (FCC), computed on the basis of the equivalence 1 FCC= 25 hours of total student commitment = 8 hours of classroom lessons + up to 1.6 hours of exercise classes.

Total cost of the course: 3.500 euro

- School of economics and management (email didattica.sem@unisi.it)
- Admission Office (email admissionoffice@unisi.it)

Program structure

Duration: 1 year
Credits: 60
Educational activities in: Siena
Price: 3500 euro

- Credits: 15 FCC
- Lessons: 120 hours
- Exercises: 24.0 max hours

Economics and Economic History
- Credits: 9 FCC
- Lessons: 72 hours
- Exercises:14.4 max hours

Social Sciences and Law
- Credits: 9 FCC
- Lessons: 72 hours
- Exercises: 14.4 max hours

Italian Language
- Credits: 18 FCC
- Lessons: 144 hours
- Exercises: 28.8 max hours

English Language (B2 level)
- Credits: 9 FCC
- Lessons: 72 hours
- Exercises: 14.4 max hours

- Total Credits: 60 FCC
- Total Lessons: 480 hours
- Total Exercises: 96.0 max hours

The School of Economics and Management will regularly resume classes after the Summer break.
In accordance with the regulatory provisions that will be in force at that time, lessons will be held in the standard presence mode, at a distance or in mixed mode. Distance learning will in any case be guaranteed for all courses in the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Apply now! Foundation Year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 7, 2024
Apply now! Foundation Year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 7, 2024