Welcome to Siena, and to the University of Siena

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In the context of the internalization process, from 2012 to 2018 the University of Siena has increased foreign students enrollment in the first year of the Masters programmes taught in English, becoming the Italian university with the largest percentage of international students.

A warm message from the Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization

“The University of Siena has a long history of European and interna-
tional linkages. Established in the 13th century in one of the richest 
and culturally stimulating free cities of medieval Italy, our 
University has been always open to inter-cultural and international 
exchanges. More recently, this natural predisposition has evolved in 
an explicit policy of internationalization. Students from many different 
countries are enrolled in many of the about seventy programs we 
offer. They work side by side and they live the city-campus, together 
with thousands of Italian students and with hundreds of visitors – 
both European and overseas incoming students – who arrive every 
year, to spend at least one semester with us. 
All these students contribute to transform this beautiful town into an 
international environment. This is after all our main goal: to teach 
new generations of scholars and professionals from all around the 
world, who in turn will be able to change our life. I firmly believe that 
this is a fundamental aspect of our mission, and I am sure that the 
more we will be able to get truly international classes, the more our 
world will be able to respond to all challenges, ensuring peace 
and prosperity.”

Luca Verzichelli

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20 Aug 2021